Best practices day. Check!

Just wrapped up an all-day meeting about Best Practices, including a little time for discussion about HTML5, CSS3, and support for IE6. Here are today’s major decisions and accomplishments.

  • We’ll use the sprint halfway meeting for BP chats (meet once/sprint instead of once/week as we used to)
  • Deprecated old BP checklist; BPs now served by SAMPLE SITE ADVANCED, wiki, and Campfire chats, with blog posts providing the glue; Best Practices Queue page in Backpack is a good place to toss ideas
  • Component samples: SAMPLE SITE ADVANCED folders (we made two today: Flash, Tabs)
  • Component versioning: in SAMPLE SITE ADVANCED, versions inside a “versions” folder, indexed on component page (just an idea right now)
  • Identified high/low traffic sites for Universal IE6 candidacy, agreed that we’d begin using UIE6 (with a “how to” BP chat next sprint)
  • Could not quite articulate a general strategy for bringing sites up to BP; it depends on a variety of factors, and may change altogether depending on how old we let sites live to be
  • Figured we should wait on HTML5 until there’s more support; useHTML5 for one fairly low-traffic site to gauge impact on older browsers (possibly ColRel Editorial Style Guide, with all of its various content)
  • Agreed to try and share experiences about advanced CSS selectors we had rarely used before, but can now use freely because we will drop visual support for IE6

RSS Cloud

New WordPress Plugin called RSS Cloud lets aggregators receive your posts in real-time. More from Read Write Web:

Supporting feed readers will now be able to request updates from WordPress blog feeds as soon as they become available, instead of polling a server periodically to check for updates.

(Your blog posts typically get picked up by RSS aggregators 15 to 60 minutes after you posted them – this will change that.)


Our subscription to Browsercam ran out a while ago. Tim and I were talking about not renewing until we knew that there wasn’t a better solution. Does anyone know of one? Nothing has come up so far.