QR codes return to conversation with the same result not quite there yet

Over the weekend I noticed a poster for a local event with a QR code on it. A QR code is a simple black and white box with a specific pattern–a box-shaped barcode–that you can take a picture of and use an app on your phone to translate it–generally it jumps to a website or shows a message. The code on the poster directed me to a website for the event. This is something we’ve thought of doing for campus events, and the idea of including codes on posters and other print publicity came into conversation recently. Is it time to reintroduce the idea?

My conclusion is no (well, not yet.)  Dave Olsen shared some great info on QR codes vs. text messaging and I like the text option. Drew Millikin posted his thoughts and response, describing the issue I keep running into also: until it’s built in to the phone and we can just take a picture of the code it’s too cumbersome.

I want to explore the text option.  I also want to continue to build out an idea of content to link to from an event poster.  We’re close to having a collection of pages for each event open to the public: the press release, connected to the event calendar info, connected to information about the venue (to include directions to campus, walking directions from parking areas, accessibility of entrances and restrooms, and perhaps more.)  It’s a project I’d like to see come to life, and who knows — maybe then we’d have something really useful to offer from a QR code or text message instead of linking to the same information as the poster.


  1. Event calendar info + directions/maps seems like the perfect thing to point to from QR codes on posters. That would be sweet.

  2. As much as I love the technology, I just don’t think that it’s popular enough where everyone will be able to scan a QR code. Many people with smartphones capable of scanning QR codes don’t even have a clue what they are.

  3. Many smartphone users just don’t know what QR codes are. I recently started using QR codes and I think they are very useful, but at the moment they aren’t popular enough.

  4. QR codes are becoming more and more used these days and today’s smartphones can really deal with them, however i didn’t heard of too many people to use them ….

  5. QR codes certainly have their limitations. Personally, I like the idea of NFC, but hate the implications which they bring (1984 / Big Brother). Regardless of what I think, Google had dropped support for QR in favor of NFC.

  6. I love this technology however…will it really find a way to the common people? Not everybody has a phone with the technology necessary and in my opinion people WILL remember a website if they really want to go to an event,…

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