About Us

We handcraft websites for Vassar College, making sure they look great, serve their audiences, and are maintained in a smart way. We made this site to share our ideas with you.

Meet our group

Megg Brown manages the content for our 150+ official sites. From CMS logic and regex queries to stats and editorial insight.

Ray Schwartz is keen on code. He designs and hand-codes websites, dabbles in programming, and pushes our best practices envelope.

Chris Silverman pushes our pixels. He makes icons, illustrates, designs and hand-codes websites.

Morgan Gange is our MySQL and PHP expert.

Jeff Macaluso is a designer and front-end coder who likes to ride his bike to work.

Jason Bailey is the newest member in the group.

Former team members

Raeanne Wright loves to make things beautiful and usable. She designs websites, icons, and graphics, and writes semantic HTML and CSS.

Tim Brown designs and hand-codes websites—with a special interest in typography. He is now working at Typekit.

Kevin Davis designed and hand-coded websites with a splendid refinement, bringing gloss, depth, and narrative to our presence.

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