Non-color visual distinction for links as a Best Practice

As a functional component of a web page, a link should look like a link—and obviously so. On some of our sites, color alone is used to indicate a link, but, according to WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), color isn’t sufficient for a link to be accessible. For general usability, when WCAG are applied, our sites become easier to use for everyone. I’d like to suggest using underlines on links as a best practice and here’s why: More

We should abstract our debugging process

Came across this set of Useful Firefox Extensions to Supercharge Firebug (Firebug is that Firefox extension for testing and debugging websites). Some of it might be useful, and some of it we do already via other means (like Charles or Safari’s developer menu). We should make a list of the needs these tools fulfill; then, for each need, list the tools we know about with any applicable opinions.

I Love My 404 Page

This morning I received an email from my 404 page telling me a link on development was broken. Sure enough, on the 404 page itself, there was a wrong link. So I fixed it within about 15 minutes of the notification. It had been out there for months broken but it didn’t really matter because no one had clicked on it and I KNOW THAT. I love my 404 page. It makes me look so good, or at least not so bad.