IE8 support dwindling

How long will we need to fully support IE8? It’s about 10% of our traffic now but with no media query support, and our push for responsive designs, we’d like not to (we’re not using respond.js). I had thought IE8 would die a slow death like IE6—since you can’t upgrade IE8 on Windows XP (still a large market share) and it got into installs of Windows 7—but other factors may speed it’s demise. One is . Another is in less than a month, on 11/15/2012, Google will discontinue suport for IE8 for all Google Apps services. With Google leading, others may follow. Google is recommending Google Toolbar for IE which includes Google Chrome Frame (GCF).

We’re already supporting GCF via our htaccess () and we should be seeing GCF activity increase in our Google Analytics. On a related note, back in June, jQuery announced v.2 would not support OldIE (IE6/7/8) then clarified v1.9 would, and would be supported “As long as oldIE is a significant factor on the web.” Time will tell.

Dynamic Weather with NOAA, PHP, jQuery, and HTML templates

One of our aims with our new alumnae/i site was to give alums who may be far away a chance to reconnect with the campus they know and love. Of course we have the usual imagery, stories, social networking, etc. but there was one feature—weather—that could evoke the moment, in real-time on campus.

In order to make that connection as immediate and palpable as possible, we couldn’t allow the weather to cache, or only update on page load. All it took was some jQuery and HTML templates added to our existing PHP script which was already pulling an XML feed from NOAA. Read on to see how we did it…