Gamut Presentation CUC15 (Cascade User Conference)

This past Monday, I presented, “Gamut: The Non-Template Template: PHP, Web BPs, and Maintaining 150 Unique Websites as if They Were One,” at HannonHill’s Cascade User Conference in Atlanta, GA. I shared our system for maintaining the lifecylce of our websites. The issues we’re solving include: how to handle 100s of sites in the system; how to design sites across a team in a scalable, maintainable way; how to be nimble; and how to take advantage of a templated system without having all of our sites look the same. Here are my slides:

Slides from Gamut talk, Cascade User Conference 2015.

SVG presentation at HVTech July 29 2015, Poughkeepsie, @Gusto

I’ll be talking about SVG, which, like most anything else we do, isn’t straightforward to use. It takes practice to know when it’s appropriate, and some creativity to implement it well. SVG is a deep subject, but I’ll go through the basics and share what I’ve been doing with it with some live examples, and resources for diving in further.


Non-color visual distinction for links as a Best Practice

As a functional component of a web page, a link should look like a link—and obviously so. On some of our sites, color alone is used to indicate a link, but, according to WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), color isn’t sufficient for a link to be accessible. For general usability, when WCAG are applied, our sites become easier to use for everyone. I’d like to suggest using underlines on links as a best practice and here’s why: More